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Originally Posted by Savi View Post
All due respect to the guys at TBL but that's a pretty lousy way of updating. I don't know what kind of manpower they have to edit everyting tho'. But just editing some of the best prospects doesn't work because the other 80% of CHL players then gets random stats (and for some reason EHM limits random stats to 2/3/4/5's - which then results in huge quality disadvantages for some teams)
Yeah, manpower is unfortunately the major issue. Manimal does the vast bulk of the updating work on his own. He has a very small number of people helping him: We now have two guys working on the NHL, I'm working on the UK as well as player career history and developing our Editor, we have one person working on the Finnish Liiga and possibly one or two others helping with other Euro leagues. That's why the DB is still very much a work in progress and some things appear like they're only half-finished.

As I said, Manimal is working on the Canadian juniors and he tells me things will be better in v6.2 (as will the NHL).

Unfortunately we really struggle to find volunteers to help research (especially this year - perhaps because people thought EHM would be less relevant given the build up to FHM over the summer...). It's a bit frustrating because editing is now easier than ever (it can be done in Excel/OpenOffice) and those of us who work on the update are more than happy to help new volunteers learn the ropes. All we need are people who have some sort of knowledge of the league because the rating work is relatively straightforward.

I'm afraid that the DB will continue to be a work in progress unless we get enough volunteers (it's a pretty big ask for Manimal to do virtually the whole of North America and much of Europe on his own).

Originally Posted by irunthepeg View Post
Question for you, I've been thinking about the last few times I've been playing EHM: how certain is it that a player will hit his PA, and do you know if there's a certain age when guys will stop being able to up their CA?
I can't say with what degree of certainty a player will hit his PA, but it's by no means certain. It depends on factors like injuries, ice time, practice, etc.

I'm not sure about the maximum age either. If you create a player in his early 30s and give him a higher PA than his CA, it seems he will still develop in game. Perhaps they develop slower than a youngster, but it seems they can/will develop nonetheless.

You could try checking a player's CA using the Saved Game Editor or the EHM Updater each year. That would be a good way of tracking player progress.

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