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02-08-2014, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Intoewsables View Post
Anyone completed a perfect playoff run before? I'm 3 wins away and I'm a little scared to keep simming. Especially since my goaltending is as shaky as it gets, lol.
16-0? I've done it I believe twice. It seems like even when my team is dominant they always get one win when I'm at 3-0 like it's customary or something I've also done 82-0-0 once but that was with my stacked Canadiens team.

Originally Posted by archibalduk View Post
I can't say with what degree of certainty a player will hit his PA, but it's by no means certain. It depends on factors like injuries, ice time, practice, etc.

I'm not sure about the maximum age either. If you create a player in his early 30s and give him a higher PA than his CA, it seems he will still develop in game. Perhaps they develop slower than a youngster, but it seems they can/will develop nonetheless.

You could try checking a player's CA using the Saved Game Editor or the EHM Updater each year. That would be a good way of tracking player progress.
Thanks for the response! I kind of figured about the older players because lots of times when I start a DB, I manage to get some 30 year olds to raise their attributes a few times. I was just curious because sometimes you see guys grow through junior then pretty much stop once they're out but I wasn't sure if that was because they hit their PA peak or if I was doing something wrong.

That is a good idea, I might have to do that just for research sake!

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