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Originally Posted by dave4 View Post
I agree with chosen. After living through Sather, Smith doesn't seem so bad. His draft record here was spotty, which was odd because he was part of the Red Wing draft successes of long ago.

He brought in the right people in 94 (Larmer, Matteau, Anderson, Noonan), and I will be forever grateful. Can you imagine if we stunk like this now, and were going on 67 years without a cup? Everyone still chanting 1940? Ugh.

I think maybe he was forced to spend like a moron in the late 90s by the powers that be. I think in the current salary-cap NHL he can be a good GM again.
Jesus, I say that Smith traded vets for youth and this debate opens up?

You really think all of those trades in '94 were necessary? He really had to send out Gartner, Weight and Amonte?
Originally Posted by chosen View Post
To fault Smith for any of our current problems means that no GM could have done a better job than Sather has since Smith was tossed, which I think everyone here would agree is untrue.

While I am all for acquiring youth and building from within (who isn't?) there is the consideration that just because a GM is doing so in no way guarantees success. At the end of the day the GM still has to acquire talent, not just youth.

In my opinion, at least so far, no one could have done a worse job than Sather has. The next few years may prove otherwise but based on his drafting here so far and his drafting in Edmonton I have no reason to believe this will all end well.
Look, all I said is that Smith did trade youth for vets and destroyed our prospect system. Sather hasn't done that in over 3 years and he gets bashed for trading youth for vets. Something doesn't add up. I still haven't said that one is better than the other, but if people want to bash Sather they could at least point out some of the things that he has actually done.

And please, there are plenty of guys that would have done worse. Let's keep this realistic.

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