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02-08-2014, 01:03 PM
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St Laurent didn't start wearing the modern style cage mask until '92...
His last NHL game was during the '89-'90 season for the Red Wings, and he wore the old school mask.

I recall tuning in to watch the previously mentioned playoff game vs the Maple Leafs (April 1988) where he was starting with his old mask. I don't think anyone had worn one of those in maybe 4-5 seasons at that point, so it was a real surprise.

The goaltender position, with the masks, the acrobatic saves...goalies were a really big part of the entertainment you'd see during an NHL game.

I'd say goalies are significantly better now (the style is much more effective), but there is zero entertainment gained from watching an NHL goalie.

There might be a few odd balls out there that love to see how effectively a guy tracks the puck, or cuts down the angle etc...but for my money it used to be way more entertaining to watch a goalie launch himself, or a body part, in front of a puck, as opposed to what we see now (there is no net to shoot at, and the puck is shot into the goalie).

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