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02-08-2014, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by drwpreds View Post
Just looking at some of our team stats, it jumped out to me that our much maligned offense (and rightly so) has quietly actually been pretty good for most of this season.

After a horrendous start, the offense has actually been pretty decent- some numbers

First 19 games- 2.05 g/g- (next to last in the league)
Last 39 games- 2.67 g/g- (would rank around the middle of the league)

Last 10 games- 3.00 g/g
Last 20 games- 2.85 g/g (would rank in top 10)
Last 30 games- 2.67 g/g

Also, we were shutout a whopping 6 times in the first 26 games, but have only been shutout 1 time in the last 32.

And, in the last 20 games we have scored 3 or more goals 14 times.

And while it is true that overall we still rank 22nd in goals scored per game, we are only a few goals scored away from being in the top half of the league. (And are actually ahead of teams like Montreal, Vancouver, and Minnesota, all of which have far more skill at forward)

Pretty interesting- and we are doing this despite having one of the worst performing groups of forwards in the entire league. It is obvious that our defensemen play a huge part in our offense. But bottom line is the goals count the same regardless of who is scoring them.

To me, the inconsistent goaltending and below average defense have been our biggest problems- it seems to have flown under the radar, but we are allowing almost 3 goals per game, and have ranked in the bottom 10 of the league in that category all season

Bottom line is offense really hasn’t been our biggest problem for most of this season. I would argue that if we had not lost Pekka, and had gotten our usual level of defense, we would be solidly in the playoffs, no question about it.

I really believe we are not that far away from being a contender- I think the offense will be better next year (especially if we can add a skilled forward) and the defense and goaltending should be MUCH better going forward.

Anyway, just some food for thought- don’t misunderstand the post, not saying we don’t have issues scoring goals- we do- just that the offense has been a lot better lately………….
Last 10 teams we've played:
Nashville (4) - PHI (3) SO
COL (they good) (5) - Nashville (4)
DAL (1) (not a playoff team) - Nashville (4)
Nashville (2) - VAN (1 pt behind Phoenix) (1)
Nashville (4) - CGY (lottery team ... ooof) (5) SO
Nashville (1) - EDM (lottery team ... ooof) (5)
Nashville (4) - WPG (not in playoff spot) (3)
NJD (2) - Nashville (3)
Nashville (3) - STL (in playoff spot) (4) SO
Nashville 2 - MIN (in playoff spot) 3 OT

Previous 10 games:
LAK (2) - NSH (3)
DET (4) - NSH (6)
NSH (2) - BOS (3) OT
NSH (4) - FLA (5) SO (we suck in shootouts)
NSH (1) - CAR (2)
SJS (2) - NSH (3) (good win)
ANA (4) - NSH (3)
OTT (2) - NSH (1) SO (... ooof)
MIN (4) - NSH (0)
CGY (2) - NSH (4)

Previous 10 games:
CAR (5) - NSH (2) (ooof)
NSH (2) - WSH (5) (ooof)
NSH (4) - NYR (1)
DAL (1) - NSH (3)
SJS (2) - NSH (3)
CHI (3) - NSH (1) (expected)
NSH (2) - TBL (4) (they are good)
MTL (4) - NSH (3) OT (as are they)
BOS (6) - NSH (2) (beaten to a pulp)
NSH (1) - DAL (4) (hangover)

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