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02-07-2007, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
Are you saying that this Devils team is one of the best teams of the last dozen years? I'm not sure that they are a top 5 team this year.
hey chosen this post is just to prove i would man up for anything i said because until i reread everything we posted back and fourth i just noticed right from the begining of our crossing paths that i made the mistake that started the confusion back and fourth. as i got you quoted above with your original question of you asking me if i thought this devils team was the best of the last dozen years.
and i originally said yes but that was due to i missed the " this devil team " meaning this years team. when i originally answered you i mis interpeted your question and my response was based on the devils organization as a whole over the last dozen years and not the comparison of this team against the other devil teams in the past and to give you the clarity you requested about the question quoted above no this is not the best devils team over the last dozen years and yes this years team is a top five team not because i say so but the standings say so.
so i hope this answers your question better then my previous trys and sorry for the confusion because even if it means putting my foot in my mouth i'll man up to anything i say right or wrong.

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