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02-01-2004, 07:10 AM
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Originally Posted by NYRBlaznBure9
And not wearing Rangers memorabilia apparantley will do the trick, so be gone with me Rangers underwears and shirts!

Seriously, I think its funny how we get the, "I've been a fan for 7 years now.." like its an addiction as alcohol or crack. True fans wouldn't hop off the bandwagon when it rolllin through horse-*****. I still root for the team and will continue to, even though I do prefer a change over Sather.
it's not "jumping of the bandwagon?" what you have hear are some very upset fans of a once proud franchise, that have it up to the top of their heads with the way this team is run. i'll be a fan of the rangers till i die, but i refuse to support a man who could give two sh!ts about you or me! he dosen't care if your a fan? he dosen't care if i'm a fan! he just cares about himself and that he is never wrong, while he's completly ruining this franchise from top to bottom! when he goes alot of this talk will stop because maybe the next guy will actually have a plan, not throwing ***** at the wall to see if it sticks! this team has needed to be rebuilt from the time we traded for jari kurri! i've had it with sather and being the joke of the league! all my friends who are hockey fans, flyers26,devilboy666 and many others, all they do is laugh at me for still rooting for this team. i'm a proud man and will fight for everything i can and i defend this team to no end, but when they come out and play the way they have over the last ten games or so, oh hell the last 7 years! how can i defend them anymore? they don't seem to care, why should i? this team dosen't even practice for christ sakes! the specialty teams are non-existent, can't score on 5-on-3 to save their lifes, its pathetic! so when they actualy show some heart and passion, which sather seems to not believe in with the way he runs his lines and the amount of ice time he gives to floaters, i will not get upset anymore, because i want this guy fired and i want some lucky ranger fan to be the one who kicks him in his a$$ so hard it comes out his mouth, all the way back to baniff!! eff u sather! die!!

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