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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
Numbers of teams, and top line, PP duty ect, is an important factor that VsX doesn't address, and I'll agree that it's a pretty good system, with adjusted stats being in the middle somewhere, both easily more valuable than raw counting stats (which have value in single seasons but become almost useless comparing players over time).

the variance of the larger amount of teams and possibilities for more of it with more than less teams, along with large increases in non Canadian talent should be addressed somewhere but it won't be neat and tidy in a formula.

Unfortunately alot of people want to throw out the 2 significant points above if they can't be formulated 100% which is basically throwing the baby out with the bath water.
I agree that VsX doesn't address number of teams, or top line, PP duty etc - that's why it will underrate second tier stars from a time when the league is smaller when there were fewer opportunities to go around.

But when talking about Jaromir Jagr's place in history as an offensive player, the only players worth comparing him to are players who were good enough to be on the first line and get ample PP time for basically their entire careers, and VsX does just fine in comparing this calibre of player.

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