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Originally Posted by MXD View Post
I'd add to this -- WWI didn't quite had the effect of WWII.

But if there's one player who probably lost something due to WWI, it's Duke Keats.
Frank Frederickson lost a lot to WWI. The war took him away from hockey until he was 24 years old. He spent one season after the war as an amateur where he roflstomped everybody on the way to the Allan Cup, and then signed with the PCHA and was immediately a 1st team all-star and led the league in scoring as a rookie despite missing the first three games of a 24 game schedule (which would be like missing 10 games of an 82 game schedule) because he signed right as the season was beginning and it took him a while to travel to Victoria.

He managed to have a nice seven season peak, as it was, until well into his 30's, but he could have been considerably more decorated had he been able to start playing pro hockey in his early 20's. Bill Cook is more-or-less in the same boat, though he's obviously not directly relevant to this project.

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