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Size though important not over-riding with the Habs virtually since inception. Obviously balance important but they more than most seemed to welcome the smaller players, many of them over the years enjoying HOF careers. Absolutely legendary and perhaps none more so than Aurel Joliat. Listed as 5'6" and 136lbs during the peak of his career. So there was right through the 60's room for such players in the Canadiens line-up, and these guys like Henri Richard & Claude Provost made room for themselves.... heres an old poem that really captures the essence of what Im driving at, of old Montreal & its Francophone players & fan's, the passion they had & still have.

Monsieur Joliat

by Wilson MacDonald

Boston she ave' good 'ockey team;
Dose Maple Leefs ees nice.
But le Canadiens ees bes'
Dat hever skate de hice.

Morenz go lak' one beeg storm;
Syl Manthas strong and fat.
Dere all very good but none ees quite
so good as Joliat.

I know heem well; ees ma friend;
I doan know heem myself;
But I know man dat know a man
Who know heem very well.

Enfant! Dat Joliat ees full
of hevery kind of treek.
He talk heem 'ockey all de day
And sleep heem wit' hees stick at night.

He's small but e'' ees bothersome;
Lak ceender in de heye.
Maroons all yell
"Go get some Flit and keel dat leetle fly"!

Garcon 'es slippery; oui, oui -
lak leetle piece of soap.
I tink next time I watch dat boy,
I use a telescope.

He's good on poke - heem - check he is;
He better on attack.
He run against beeg Conacher,
he trow him on his back.

........ and on & on it goes, another 8-9 verses.

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