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02-01-2004, 08:27 AM
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I'm not going to address the issue of whether or not it was intentional (I have my opinion and I think it's patently obvious for those who takes the time to look without bias), but what I will mention is what happened immediately afterwards, and it's something that peeves me off totally.

Why, oh why, did Thornton look at the ref and throw up his arms as if to say, "Oh come on, I didn't really do that and you can't call me for it." Before I go any further, it's not because it's Thornton that it pisses me off. I get bitter when I see anyone doing this. High sticking. Cut and dried penalty, and 99% of the time you know you've done it. Why throw your hands up in the air like a bloomin idjut as if the world's against you when you're called?

Everyone does it. I just don't get it. It's not like it's a judgement call. You see a stick hitting someone in the head, you call it. If there's one rule the refs are most consistent at calling, that's it, so I just can't fathom the complete disbelief that players show.

Please, Joe, you screwed up, stop playing the victim and go to the box. Like I said, it's not just Joe, it's just about everyone in hockey - the Habs included. You hit someone in the face, don't throw your hands in the air, just go. Frankly, if a player does that while I'm a ref, I'm giving them an extra two for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Just my opinion.

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