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02-01-2004, 09:03 AM
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It's interesting that there are so many who feel we need to get rid of Koivu because he's too small, injury prone, etc, etc, etc, yet they feel he can be the centrepiece of a deal that'll bring us a gamebreaker.

Where's the logic that says we trade Zednik for a bigger better person? I assume you aren't talking a one for one deal, because every general manager in hockey would laugh you off the phone. Therefore, you must be insinuating that we would add in something else - something fairly tasty like a Hainsey etc.

In other words, you're all short-term GM's - interestingly enough, not unlike the Rejean Houle's of hockey who get fired in short order - who feel forced to do something, nay anything! to turn the team around.

Do you ever put yourself in the other GM's seat?

"Yes, I'd like to offer you Koivu and Hainsey for Bertuzzi... I don't care if I'm not addressing your needs... Yes, I know you're perfectly aware of Koivu's history... No, I am not a lunatic... Hello? Hello?"

Look at it from another dimension. You say you want Koivu to help bring in a bigger prize. Aren't you then saying that Koivu is already a pretty damn big prize? Then why do you want to trade him - particularly when he's the only first line player you've got? Where in hockey does it say that Montreal always gets to fleece the other GM's and get more than what they give?

And of COURSE, the number one thing everyone always forgets - supply and demand. Koivu will fetch more than market value only if people out there WANT him and are willing to get into a bidding war to acquire him! If you're trying to pawn him off, his value is *significantly* lowered.

If Burke phones up and says he'll do anything to get Koivu, then you can start talking about Bertuzzi. But if you phone him first, knowing Burke, he'll tell you you're a complete moron and hang up the phone.

Now, perhaps that doesn't address the issue of 'understanding hockey' where the word hockey refers to only what goes on on the ice. I think it goes to understanding *hockey* where hockey equals the entire sum of the game from the ground up. And there's a serious lack of that on these boards at times.


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