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Originally Posted by drs151 View Post
So my first question is why isn't joe Malone's 44 goals in 20 games not considered the best ever.
This has been touched on already, but the circumstances of the game were quite different at the time, making direct goals-per-game comparisons useless.

But if you want a truly dominant historical goal-scoring performance, check out Russell Bowie's 1900/01 season. He scored 24 goals that season. The next-best players scored 10 each. Bowie scored more goals in seven games that season than the entire Quebec Hockey Club did in eight games. On a per-game basis, he almost outscored the Montreal AAA team as well. And it wasn't a weak league either, besides Bowie there were 10 other Hall-of-Famers playing regularly between the five teams.

Originally Posted by drs151 View Post
So my last question is if joes isn't considered the greatest, then wouldn't that mean that it's very possible gretzky's records or at least some of them or perhaps his legacy as the greatest ever could be disregarded 50-100 years from now because it was so long ago?
This is a very interesting point you raise here, because you often see people writing off old-tyme players because they played so long ago, and the game was different, and the game that person grew up watching is obviously the way the game is *supposed* to be played. As opposed to the reality of the situation, which if history tells us anything, is that the current version of the game is just a point along the sport's evolution, and it too will pass into history at some point.

Originally Posted by Bure All Day View Post
I'd say no because scoring at high pace for only 20 games isn't that hard...
This fails to consider that 20 games of 60 minutes ice time is equivalent to 60 games of 20 minutes ice time. Malone may only have 20 "games played" in his stats, but he played over 50 minutes per game, so that was much more hockey than you associate with a modern player's 20 games.

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