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Originally Posted by topchowda View Post
They have some key injuries, but are on a steady decline. I think missing the playoffs is better for them because it will motivate it them to shake the team up. Making the playoffs would give Gillis a glimmer of hope

Those Sedin contracts are going to crush the team tho. Its going to be tough to find a team to take on both contracts. The Sedins are also mirror images of eachother, so if one slows down, both will.

Playing arm chair GM of the Canucks: I would trade the Sedins asap to a team like the Islanders looking for immediate help. In return get some good prospects (De haan, maybe Reinhart), use that cap space to sign some good FAs (25-29), try and get ROR, build a team around Kesler,Edler, Reinhart, Horvat, ROR,Lack
I like that suggestion, this is why I haven't been on the bandwagon of others drafting swedes... no offense to the country, fans, or anyone but it just takes so long to actually get fully developed players, and they don't make fast transitions. For how long it took Daniel and Henrik to get acclimated to the North American game, it was wasted time.

I know I rag on people for saying you have a limited time in there case it was true you should try win when your core is in its mid-late 20's (or at least go for it) Vancouver didn't get to the finals till that point. Years ago you could have an older veteran team, and you still can if you have guys who can dominate late into there careers (Neidermeyer, Pronger), (Hasek), (Jagr, Selanne) but the fact remains those are anomaly's. You are right though they must get something for the Sedin's and/or Kesler and do what San Jose did a few years ago and go into a partial rebuild.

As for the trade for Kassian (Hodgson) i feel this is something Oiler management would be doing, being followers, and not having there own template. Teams like Vancouver (in SCF) played down to their strengths. If they would have kept Hodgson they could have followed a Chicago template and played to skill and finesse. Now when I see the team, they have little factions of grit, little areas of skill, still antagonism but not important at this point, and there just elements of a little bit of everything that doesn't add up.

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