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Originally Posted by Savi View Post
I'm in my 3rd season with Sherbrooke Phoenix (QMJHL). The team was terrible when I started, and it's terrible still. So it's a long rebuild. The first draft was a waste, I traded away most of those picks, including my #1 overall. Did the same thing after the 2nd season and prior to the draft. So it's been a tough road. Things are looking up a bit this year because the younger guys I had from the start have developed pretty well. C Daniel Audette is in his final year, he was a 1st round pick of Chicago (#29 overall), and D Jeremy Roy was drafted in the 2nd round by the Jets.

Season 1
Finished last overall. 20-43-7 record for 47 pts. MVP: Daniel Audette, 28+46=74 in 66 games
Halifax won the league by a mile. Swept the playoffs. Won the Memorial Cup against London Knights.

Season 2
Finished 7th in the East. 26-41-3 record for 55 pts. MVP: Daniel Audette, 34+42=76 in 66 games
Lost in the 1st round of the playoffs to #2 Halifax (0-4). Already went 0-6 to them in the regular season. Just can't beat Zach Fucale.
Baie-Comeau won the championship as they beat Charlottetown 4-3 in the final.
Erie Otters won the Memorial Cup with a 9-3 win vs WHL champion Kootenay Ice.
Connor McDavid went #1 in the draft.

Season 3
Couple of weeks in and we're playing .500 hockey
Top line of Daniel Audette, overager Jean-Sebastien Dea, and Connor Moynihan is doing very well. The other 3 lines, not so much.
So far, I have stockpiled 11 picks in the first 5 round of the upcoming draft, so this is were the foundation of a contender will be laid. Hopefully!

Thanks for the insight. I think you guys do a great job nonetheless. I understand it might be hard to find volunteers with CHL knowledge - although since I mostly manage CHL teams my issue isn't so much that junior aged players have or haven't got the perfect attributes matching their IRL skills (I think it's fine if only the top prospects are edited accordingly) but the 2nd/3rd/4rd liners don't seem to be edited at all - in which case EHM gives them random attributes. Their physical attributes are usely fine, but their mental and technical attr. make them horrible hockey players (similar to the kind of players you get in the first OHL/WHL/QMJHL drafts of the game - mostly players with 'red' attributes).

Damn. I've never done better than 6 or 7 losses I think - even with truly great teams. I mean, to play 82 games and win every single one.. with your goalie never having a bad game? Or several players going down with injuries. I've never seen it.
The years (apparently I did it twice in a few years) I did it, I had regens in the AHL that could have been 1st/2nd liners in the NHL for injuries and I do remember those years were when I was transitioning from one starter to his successor so I would constantly swap them out (I find that keeps them fresher and less likely to have a bad game).

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