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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
^^^ Ive searched the web & really cant find anything substantive as in when did the NHL institute non-sudden death over-time play during the regular season & why? Were tie games considered unacceptable unless one more shortened 10 minute period was played, and even if both teams scored again for a tie then thats what we wound up with, but at least they "tried" I guess huh? Interesting having grown up with ties, despising over-time & most assuredly the absurdity of shootouts, the notion of it not being perfectly fine n' dandy just seems an alien concept. That a draw is unacceptable... what goes around comes around. Over-time & a Salary Cap in the 1930's.
Overtime predates the NHL. Carried over from the NHA. From 1917 to November 1942 then from 1983 onwards, the NHL featured overtime. Majority of the seasons saw overtime games.

O6 era was tie friendly. Teams played each other 10, then 12, then 14 times during the regular season so ties were not going to influence standings significantly.

Playoffs were another matter and the idea that a game had to be decided instead of first to eight points series had merit as the series had to end in seven games.

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