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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
the case for Mats sundin.

Like I have posted earlier he was consistently very good to excellent over a 15 year period, despite that his peak VsX is still very good for this round.

He is 39th all time among centers in the vsX score and one can make the argument that he could have been higher if he ever had any decent line mates of a PP QB on his team for any length of time.

His scoring finishes are as follows and over a 15 year consecutive stretch

92 finished 41st overall with only 28 Canadians ahead of him so he would have been 29th in a Canadian to Canadian comp over time (for a common standard). Pretty decent for a guy in his 2nd year in the NHL and just 20 years of age.

93 11th overall, 7th on Canadian list
94 28-20
95 23-15
96 28-16
97 7- 4
98 14- 7
99 11-5
00 17-8
01 38-15
02 4-3
03 25-11
04 12-6

lockoput year is missing so we have to give him some credit here as well

06 31-15
07 36-19
08 20-12

Does anyone have that period of consistency for as long here this round?

Mats wasn't great in the playoffs but he wasn't horrible either and his international play really stacks up well this round, and overall as well.

He played with one of Duchesne, Murphy, Schneider, Kaberle/McCabe for most of his career! That's pretty much above-average D-support for that era.

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