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Originally Posted by nexttothemoon View Post
At the draft, yes I wanted Nichushkin over Nurse. It's not that I disliked Nurse either... I just thought a player like Nichushkin who was on track to becoming a power forward type player would be a very good addition to the Oilers lineup... complimenting the rest of the lineup well.

Some people immediately jumped to conclusions and say why the "hate" for Nurse... especially when Nichushkin could be a bust because of his selfishness and there's a good chance he'd end up in the KHL grabbing all the money he could.

Lot's of assumptions were thrown around.

Honestly the Nurse pick is a solid one and he should do well for the Oilers.

The Oilers obviously DO need some size in their top 6 though. Players who have that unique combo of size/speed/skill are reasonably rare and HARD to obtain in trades which is why players like Nichushkin/Ritchie are solid picks.

Yes the Oilers need #1/#2 type dmen, yes they need a #2 centre... BUT I don't think they go far either without more size/grit in the top 6 either which is why I think a player like Ritchie this year should be much higher on their charts than they probably have him.

Who knows though... maybe they DO have him right up there with the top 2/3 picks.

Let's just for the hell of it assume they had drafted Nichushkin... and this year Ritchie. Let's also assume Ritchie is ready to step in "soonish".

Maybe that addition of those two in the lineup allows you to trade some players away that you couldn't have otherwise to obtain other needed pieces... a #2 C... a top pairing D... plus the Oilers would finally have that much needed size in that top 6.

This year they maybe are going to draft their #2C or if lucky a future #1D but a skilled big forward for the top 6 is still going to be something they lack outside of Hall and Yak.

A player like Gagner might look completely different between Ritchie and Nichushkin for example... maybe negating having to dump him for potato chips.

You could very easily make an argument that the lack of size/grit in the top 6 has MADE this team have to consider trading away decent (still developing) pieces like Perron/Eberle/Gagner/ (maybe even Yak) just because they have too many similar types so they are dealing from a position of weakness rather than having a better balance where they can be dealing from a position of strength instead of basically FORCING them to trade pieces away to fill obvious holes.
The thing is, top pairing Dmen are much, much harder to acquire in a trade. Would it not be easier to draft a blue chip D prospect, develop him in the minors and trade Eberle + for a power forward?

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