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02-09-2014, 04:08 PM
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Ended up wasting my time last late night watching Canadians fall down in Mens downhill and the Womens slope something or other. Guay and Paradis were hopeless. To the latter what else is new. This Paradis guy has been a huge flop and why are we even paying him to represent? I'd bet the house that Paradis would flop in an Olympics, any Olympics. I won some money on that in 2010. Whenever I see this guy I detect unprepared slacker.

Next, the Sloped whatever. Canadian woman, the only hope, I forget her name already because her performance was that riveting was highly touted, an apparent favorite, but flopped badly on both runs and couldn't finish the course either time. Basically a two run crash and burn. In the event only the top score counts but on combined she was probably the worst of the entire field.

To say she choked is understatement. On both runs it looked like she bailed as soon as something went wrong. No fight to get through course.

2 "oh well" runs. Terrible display.

Wrong day to Canadas performance I guess.

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