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02-09-2014, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Clown Baby View Post
I think Avalanche fans had the same thought when they added Kariya and Selanne to the core of Sakic and Forsberg. It didn't work, though.

I think what Voracek brings to the rink is comparable to what Jagr brought, and we saw what that amounted to (whole lotta points).

This team needs to focus on getting its D straightened out; not how they're going to get Giroux from 80/90 points to 100.
I think most of the comparisons drawn to Jagr are pretty weak tbh. Other than being Czech and knowing how to use their big bodies along the boards, what else really is there? We're talking about a HOF player here, Jake has yet to eclipse over 50 points now in his 7th season. Hell, Jagr even came in 2 years ago at like 40 and outdid that without any speed. The difference between these guys is simple despite their physical similarities. Jagr had patience, could slow down a game, never had his head down and most importantly never forced plays. Jake is always pressing, always has his head down and speeds up the game-- He always forces the play. He needs to adapt to and play WITH Giroux, not force the plays and have G trying to read off his very different style. He needs to work his game around his body and not around his speed if he wants to play with G.

Agreed this team needs to spend more focus on the defence but im not suggesting anything more than moving Jake back a line and giving a guy like Simmonds a shot because he deserves it more than Jake does.

I don't like to come in here and make suggestions about trades and how we need one of these and one of those types- Its a waste of thought and I try to post around the team we actually do have, not what I dream to be put together. If Jake wants to play the game he does with all the speed and forced plays, it'd be more beneficial to the team for him to anchor a line of his own and have players working off of him as the central play conceiver--too much of this trying to be the man--when G is the man.

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