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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
Let me ask you guys something.

This team missed the playoffs for 7 straight seasons up until last year. In the offseason Shanahan took less money to come to New York, and the Rangers were able to sign 2 pretty respectable players from a Stanley Cup Winning team in Cullen and Ward, plus Rachunek came back and so did Straka, not to mention the fact that the team was no longer the laughing stock of the league as they finally earned some respect and attention. These players wanted to play for this team.

If you are the management of the Rangers and you want to lure some big free agents to come here over the summer (like everyone is talking about - a defensman and a real top center), you have to spike their interest in the team. How is missing the playoffs going to help that? You cant dangle a huge contract in front of them either cuase thats the old way of the rangers and the its not smart in the new NHL cap world. The difference is very big. Players outside the team don't follow this team like we do, All they see are standings, the difference of them seeing the Rangers in 12th or 8th the year before could alter their decision in coming or not.

SO do you really expect the Rangers not to make a legitamate push for the playoffs and become sellers?

Going back to square one isnt going to help this team right now.

Now of course they dont want to sell the farm off to get a rental, but if they can make and upgrade that can help in the shortrun and hopefully spur this team into the playoffs you can beat your ass they are gonna make it, even if its considered by some to be too late.

Even if its blatantly evident that this team is not a playoff squad, the Rangers will want to retain some of what was accomplished last season. Hey if the Rangers find a way to make the playoffs and win just 1 game.... it will be considered an improvement from last year.

Dellapina opened my eyes to this. Even though i am just as frustrated as everyone else in thinking that they might become sellers, this is probably whats gonna happen IMO too.
Once in blue moon even Delapina says accurate things... I agree there will not be any big fire sell. Not because of UFAs next summer, but because any sell off makes Dolan to lose money. The decision to push for PO is made based on all available indications. So if we are byers and do not make a playoffs, we will not be hurt as much being stacked up with rentals, they will go away by the season end. Sather is trusted not to get us in the hole there. He promised not to. Only time will show if he in fact wont.
As far as UFA are concerned, they look at who is in goal besides other thing. Lundqvist is a guarantee that team will be in contention of some sort for years to come. Plus Jagr and Shanahan will be kept.
So Star level 2C will not be a problem. The young players that are currently in the pipeline will be traded away to obtain rentals, while true talent Staal, Sagunetty, Anisimov, Montoya will be kept as much as possible. I can see anyone from WolfPaclks go. Those in junior teams will be held.
There is also a good possibility that nothing will be done.

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