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Revised HFNYR Policies & Quick Links

Recently, this forum has been littered with posts without content. Normally, no one cares, but it's gotten to a point where people are starting to care. Until the situation improves, the site's spam policy will be enforced with a vengeance.

SPAM - No one cares to read pointless responses to a topic like, “he sucks”, “”, “this thread sucks, close it”, "do we need another thread about this" etc. If you don't have have anything to add to a discussion, DON'T. It's wastes board space and makes threads very difficult to read and almost impossible to read through if you've been away from the computer for more than 12 hours. If you feel that a thread is redundant, report it. A mod will look into it.
As always, typical board rules apply.....

READ, THEN POST - If you have something to contribute to the topic, do so in the existing thread. If you are new here or don’t visit regularly, I would urge you to scroll back through the first couple of pages before starting a new discussion as threads fall fast. We will no longer merge new threads in to the appropriate discussion, they will simply be deleted and the thread started will receive a spam infraction.

OFF TOPIC CONTENT – Please use your best jugement as to whether it's a valid topic of discussion and know when enough OT is enough. We still reserve the right to remove OT threads if there gets to be too much OT again.

TRADE PROPSALS – We cannot continue to allow the insane amount of ridiculous proposals and suggested waiver claims to continue. There is a whole forum here dedicated to those who love talking about trade proposals. This is probably something we’ll have to police subjectively, or perhaps dedicated it’s own thread to, but right now, it’s just way too much.

Country/Continent Generalizations
It is time we get rid of these types of posts/threads on our board. We've have allowed these types of posts in the past, but this is not fair to the many, many European posters we have on our board that have to read how certain North Americans don't like their hockey. Hockey is hockey, they shouldn't have to come on the board and defend "hockey" because of the style it is played in their country or by some players. It just leads to pointless arguments that are unnecessary.

If someone want to say "Jagr is so soft!" then that is fine, but the, "Get rid of the euro-trash", "Damn these Europeans and their soft hockey!", stuff is no longer permitted. NO generalizations aren't tolerated.

Again, calling out player(s) is fine. Calling them Euro-trash, or insulting european hockey as a whole though will not be tolerated.

NYR 2007 Entry Draft Selections

Rangers Prospects Stats/Info/Articles – updated daily!

Rangers salary cap/contracts

HF Prospect Poll Results:
Official Ticket sales thread - buy and sell here. Individual ticket sales threads will be deleted per board policy.

NYR Blogs - links to various fan and columnist blogs.

Yahoo Fantasy Leagues thread

All Things NYC – Tourist info, events, attractions, mass transit tips, etc…

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