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Originally Posted by SnowblindNYR View Post
I really hate how every time someone's motive is profit, it's considered greed. If you take a higher paying job does that make you greedy too? That word is pretty extreme and has become completely overused.
The NHL gets nothing out of the Olympics, while taking all the risk. They still have to pay the players while they essentially become property of their national teams. It's the NHL that has to deal with injuries to their stars. The NHL has to deal with scheduling games in a much tighter window due to the Olympic break. Ticket sales could definitely take a hit if, for example, a marquee player on a small market team is injured during Olympic play.

That being said, I do enjoy Olympic Hockey. But the NHL is a business. What benefit do they get out of loaning out their players free of charge? And please don't say exposure/free press. I'm sure the NHL will pick up a few new fans as a result of the Olympics, but nothing that justifies putting so many of their star players at risk.

If Callahan gets injured to the point that we get absolutely nothing for him before he walks this summer, there won't be any shortage of Olympic bashers on this board.

Again, I truly enjoy watching and cheering for Team USA in the Olympics, but I can absolutely understand the NHL's business case against it. Businesses exist to make money, that doesn't necessarily make them greedy.

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