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02-08-2007, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Evil Ted View Post
Im not going to waste much more of my breath here but the fact is that if Kovalev like you enjoy to proclaim has no heart or leadership qualities or any sense of accountability for his actions he would have been put in the pressbox a long time ago, and guess what buddy again he hasnt been there yet.
We're a team that can't afford to do that. Kovalev's scoring might be sparce, but it's still among the top 5 in the team. He does have a game breaking ability that does come through from time to time (1 game out of 20?).

Originally Posted by Evil Ted
Your grasping straws here hes a world class player that everyone loves to hate. Our whole team has been playing like crap and I will say it again Koivu has been less impressive then Kovalev for the last month or so.
Kovalev hasn't been a world class player since the mid 90s and never will he return to that status. Again, I haven't said that Kovalev is playing badly compared to the rest of the team...but 38 pts in 55 games, is less than satisfactory for a player of his talent/capabilities. I'm sure Gainey expects no less than 65 pts from this guy.

Originally Posted by Evil Ted
Yet people continue to jump on the "hate Kovalev" bandwaggon and its getting really old, Montreal as a whole is playing uninspired hockey not just one or two players. Its just a broken record of crap on these boards, we are going to get out of this slump as a team quit pinning it on one player.
If he did anything to get us to love him, he'd help his cause. People are just finally getting tired of seeing the same old **** from this guy.

Originally Posted by Evil Ted
Its obvious your bias has been against Kovalev since the team sigined him instead of whoever else you wanted, and its really showing on this thread. Bjac said it best Kovalev is pulling his weight and then some on a team thats struggling, give him a break for once.
You can bring it up on the main boards if you please. 99% of people who have watched a single game of hockey can tell you that Kovalev does not have any leadership qualities, which is what I've been eluding to during this entire thread.

I'm also 100% sure that the majority of the boards will also tell you that they would not like to have Kovalev on their team, especially not with his current salary.

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