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02-10-2014, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by nofool6110 View Post
We're number 1 either way right now.

Using medal count
7 medals is the most of any nation (save Netherlands, who has 7 as well and Norway)
Canada wins "tiebreaker" with more G than Norway, more S than Netherlands.

Using Gold count
3 golds are the most of any nation (Save netherlands, who has 3 because Speed Skating)
Canada wins "tiebreaker" with more S than Netherlands.


Although tomorrow proves to be likely a slower day for Canada, threats in Luge (Gough in 5th, McRae in 6th) and Ski Slopestyle (Howell ranked #2 in the world), not to mention an outside shot at halfpipe and the ladies' 500 mean we could be leaders for another couple of days. Unlikely, because speed skating and the Netherlands, but eh. We have pairs skating coming up, and that should be some sort of medal.
I always went by 3 for gold 2 for silver 1 for bronze

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