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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Our success fairly depends on relatively new events continuing to be added to the games. Going through the years Canada tends to have a whole lot of success at new, or relatively new disciplines and events.

When other nations start sniffing around those disciplines more the going gets particularly tougher.

Lets be clear here too. Hockey and the Men's Downhill are the glory events. Win either and those get remembered forever.

For any winter country the Men's downhill, and particularly in Europe is just a huge event and few others match the support. Win the Mens Olympic downhill and you're a legendary figure forever.

I think the term powerhouse is a bit misleading until we compete better in some of the primary, heavily contested events.
It actually has a lot more to what sports are traditionally popular in those countries. 90% of Canada's best skaters play hockey, wheras in the Netherlands they speed skate. And my whole life on the ski hill in Canada it's always been more about the Snowboarders competition wise then the Skiers even though it wasn't until the last decade that snowboarding is taking a chunk out of the world ski market.

Not to mention, even though we have a massive amount of ski hills in our country, the actual number of them that really try and push any kind of competitive team is very slim. And that's probably the most accessible of the Winter Olympic sports in Canada. Good luck to a kid that doesn't live near Calgary or Montreal who has some sort of ambition to be a speed skater or a ski jumper.

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