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02-10-2014, 10:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Our success fairly depends on relatively new events continuing to be added to the games. Going through the years Canada tends to have a whole lot of success at new, or relatively new disciplines and events.

When other nations start sniffing around those disciplines more the going gets particularly tougher.

Lets be clear here too. Hockey and the Men's Downhill are the glory events. Win either and those get remembered forever.

For any winter country the Men's downhill, and particularly in Europe is just a huge event and few others match the support. Win the Mens Olympic downhill and you're a legendary figure forever.

I think the term powerhouse is a bit misleading until we compete better in some of the primary, heavily contested events.
Well to be fair, Canada is one of the most versatile teams at the Olympics. We can pull medals from almost every sport. If Canada isn't a powerhouse, I'm not really sure who would be.

Agree that the downhill is the most prestigious event. But it is only one medal set available. You can say Canada isn't a powerhouse since they aren't competitive in it, but then Austria and Switzerland aren't competitive in speed skating or any freestyle skiing or snowboarding events. Same goes for Norway who dominates cross country and biathlon but is a factor in little else.

Thinking about it now, there aren't really that many events that are "heavily contested" as far as having a wide variety of nations contending for medals. Practically every event has only a handful of countries that claim the medals year after year.

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