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02-08-2007, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by donutboy View Post
It's only absurd to Rangers fans who have no vision or clue how a winning team is constructed. People should have learned their lesson from the end of last season. Teams with 6 forwards who have no offensive ability and 4 defenseman who stink, don't win when it matters and teams know how to play with the rules.

The Rangers took advantage of a league that didn't understand how to play with the new rules. Those days were over the end of the last season.
who were you before because i know you are not new to this board

if someone disagrees you act as though their opinion is undoubtably wrong or ridiculous to even think.. kind of reminds me of that guy i got into an argument a few days ago, gretz something, except you don't come off to be as big of a blow hard, and you don't ask a question to make a point

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