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02-11-2014, 12:06 AM
Mr Positive
more trades please
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Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
I don't see him resigning here unless we overpay again and even then to be honest. It's not that he has any bad feelings to the organization, it's just he's 30 now and I think he would prefer to move on to a team that is a lock for a playoff berth at this stage of his career.

We've wasted most of his prime years on this "rebuild". And the fact is, he's just getting in the way of Yakupov's development the longer he stays here.

If a 3rd is all you can get for him, you take it and wish him the best. We open up $5 million in cap room in the summer too.
I completely agree. It's like the Smid trade. The best part of that trade wasn't the return. It was the cap space we got back, and also the roster spot that opened up allowing Marincin to step in.

Players leave teams all the time. It's nothing to obsess over. If the player isn't part of the future here, get rid of them. End of story. Spend time to maximize return, but don't risk flubbing the deal.

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