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"*&!# Emile Francis"?

Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Very well said.

I also want to add that it's one thing if someone ups and takes a hike for some extra dough.

It's another thing if a total power hungry *&!# Emile Francis, feeling like he had to make a statement and show this team he would trade you just because he could, moves you against your will.

Park played when there was no leverage.
If you wanted to play hockey, that's it.
You could sit out and deny your services, at which point a GM at some point decided it was worth it to pay you, maybe a little extra.

But that was it.
Park and Ratelle were LOVED by Ranger fans.
Francis moved them to put his personal imprint on the team.

Park/Ratelle should not be penalized.
Your description of Emile Francis and explanation of his motivation for making that trade indicate that you know little about him or his Rangers team of the 60s/70s. He had been the GM - and usually the coach - for more than a decade when he made that trade early in the 1975-76 season. That was his team, he hardly had to "put his personal imprint on the team." In fact, the 1975-76 season would be his last on Broadway.

The Rangers had been in steady decline since the 1971-72 season when they finished with 109 points; after that they had 102 (72-73), 94 (73-74) and 88 (74-75). In fact, in the playoffs of 1975, they were defeated in the first round by the New York Islanders. You don't think there was reason enough to "shake up" the roster?

Early on during the 1975-76 season, Eddie Giacomin had been waived, and wound up with Detroit. Older fans of the Blueshirts will well recall his first game back at MSG.

After 13 games, with his team 5-7-1, Francis made the big trade. Unfortunately, the Rangers continued to struggle, and "*&!# Emile Francis" was fired.

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