Thread: Trade Weber?
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02-11-2014, 09:56 AM
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Its a tough call to trade Weber or not, boils down to what is offered really. I don't buy the not tradeable because he wears the C. I don't want to see the guy traded because of what he does on the ice most of the time.

The imbalance of talent backend to front end is the issue. The depth in the system is a concerning issue now as well. There just little confidence that if a player goes down that they have options to fill in. I know its not going to be a popular opinion but since we lost Claude Noel the development from Milwaukee has taken a downturn.

Bottom line if a team is willing to offer a irresistible amount of talent to get Weber then they have to pull the trigger.

While ownership spent to the cap this year it does not mean that they will be so open with there purse this summer. The hockey operation lost 800k last season and is projected to lose money again this year. As far as it goes they must spend money to make money(playoffs). But I do not see another offseason of overspending on questionable talent like last summer. People who have money know how to make money in any venture. These guys are not in this as a hobby or tax writeoff long term.

In time the team will get fixed. Will we still have any sanity by that time is questionable.....

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