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02-11-2014, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by AtlantaWhaler View Post
Not sure why every point you make that keeps Weber is negative. How about...

5. Keep the team captain. He's leading all D-men in goals and is once again a Norris candidate. He is the face of the franchise, team captain, and is now the loan vet on a very young and talented defensive core. Moving forward, the top-4 will most likely be the best in the NHL.
Not trying to be negative but that is how I see it, hope I am proven wrong.
I am just going off our post Kariya signing team. No top notch free agent has come here since him. Track record.
Poile seems to not be able to draft solid offensive pieces. Track record.
We have a team full of Third liners. Track record.
Can you address the following from above?

First why is it you include the fact we have paid so much of Weber salary into the reason why we should not trade him and yet make it seem it would be ok to trade him later when even more of the contract has been paid? Does that not seem strange?

Second does anyone believe that it would be easier to sign a veteran defeseman here than it appears to be to get offensive talent to sign here? This would play a big part in parting with Weber at some point.

Third are we as Nashville Predators fans really happy with playoff appearances? Any sport franchise is built to go after Championships. My favorite football team has not won the Super Bowl since winning back-to-back in 1972-1973. My favorite baseball team has won the world series twice(1993,2007) but after doing so traded most of the parts that had just won it for them. We cannot be happy with just making the playoffs, it makes no since. How many teams go down in history for having the highest playoff appearances, NONE. We need to press forward and go for the cup. Winning the cup is all about your year and a little luck. I do not know any franchise who has won a champhionship and would give that up for year in and year out playoff appearances.

Fourth I hear people say build a team from the net out. This team for sure is built that way. We have the great goalie in Rinne, and the Great defenseman in Weber, soon could be Jones but we lack the top end offensive threat needed for a deep cup run. Think about Rinne past three seasons, his GAA was 2.43,2.39,2.12, he is not the problem. Weber has had some really nice years but he should not be leading the team in offensive numbers. Think about 2011-2012 playoffs when Rinne was stellar GAA 2.07 and save percentage of .929. We have a goal differential of +4 while beating Red Wings in 5 games but we had a -2 differential against the Coyotes and lost in 5 games. Goals are important in the playoffs and the deeper you make it the harder to score and more important they are. We need someone who can put the puck in the net when you are down by one goal in the second round of the playoffs. Weber and Rinne can only do so much. My fear is we will continue to put all of our hope and dreams in Rinne and Weber for winning the cup and continue to sign third liners to fill our real needs in the top six and have just a good enough team to never get the top notch talent in the draft and while this is happening we may see Weber or Rinne get a wonderful piece of hardware but it will not be the cup while letting both of our best players prime slip away.

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