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02-11-2014, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Drake744 View Post
I've NEVER experienced a win in any of my sports. My teams in the NHL (Preds), MLB (Padres), NFL (Chargers), NBA (Clippers) have never one a championship in the history of their franchises. So, there's that string of negativity. However, one's opinion on whether or not "making the playoffs" is good enough or not is just that. An opinion. "Making the playoffs" is necessary to win a title, so in that respect heck yeah that's good enough. Sure there are teams that are favored or more likely to do damage than others based on their season performance, but making the playoffs works for me because we have a shot.

Now if someone is going to use the phrase "just making the playoffs" to signify our inability to advance deep into them, sure that's frustrating but it's my mindset as a fan (and not an apologetic one) to be fine with that because I want a shot to win it all. But again, that's my mindset and others don't agree with it and that's fine too.

By the way that last sentence proves my own point and why I feel the way I do. You DO need luck and breaks and for it to be 'your year' to win it all. So much of that simply has to do with just being in and having a shot. Especially year after year.
I agree that you have to make the playoffs to be able to win the cup, super bowl, world series, nba championship. All of my favorite teams have won it all and some are historically the best at it. Pre Predators-Habs(NHL), Marlins(MLB), Celtics(NBA), Dolphins(NFL)
I am glad to see people who are fans of teams that have never won it all and are proud fans. Think about Seahawks fans-they got thiers.

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