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02-11-2014, 02:38 PM
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True Detective is currently one of two shows I make time for. The other, Community.

The six-minute tracking shot at the end of episode 4 was a remarkable feat of TV cinematography. Direction has been top notch. And the show works on so many levels, it has a little bit of everything you might want. I'm dying to see how this all plays out. My theory for the moment is that Cohle and Hart didn't catch the mastermind behind the '95 deaths. They caught someone involved, for sure, but were forced to close the book early because of pressure from above, from Governor Tuttle and his cousin, who frankly I think is involved on the cult side of things. Too many mentions of Tuttle in a show that has a keen eye for detail. My biggest questions are 1) why did Cohle go off the grid for eight years and 2) why did he resurface in 2010. Great TV.

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