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02-01-2004, 06:16 PM
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Absolute Disgrace

This is the most disgusting and disturbing team in pro sports. When the Isles had that terrible run in the late 90's I felt kind of bad for the fans, but at least they knew they were bad. They got to do the whole David and Goliath thing. "We suck and we know it, but lets try to work our arses off and beat those Rangers. They knew they were bad. This team is the ultimate tease. Every year you get your hopes up just to be dashed again. Every year you think this team could take off and get into the playoffs and maybe win a series or two. Even some of the most negative (realistic) fans here usually thought that "this year they could break out and at least make us semi-proud to be Ranger fans", but NO. This team is a disgrace, I know we all hear the same old story.. "All that talent and all that money, and they still suck." Think about it for a second.. Do you even like this team? Think back to 94' or even 97'. You liked those players, you wanted them to succeed. Nick Kypreos, Joe Kocur, Eddie O.... we even liked these borderline players. I think I can speak for most Ranger fans when I say we dont even like this team!!! How many 'Rangers' do we have? How many of these guys go out there and bleed Red, White, and Blue? Start with Goalie on out. The only players who seem to care are Messier, Leetch, Purinton, Barnaby, Ortmeyer, Lundmark... some of these guys are borderline players but they work their as*es off every game and really do seem to care. The rest of these guys are here for the paycheck so they can be set for life. Wouldn't you rather be a Thrashers fan? Heatley, Kovalchuk, .. this team has personality and they work. I saw the Thrashers lose last night and Kovalchuk looked really mad and upset. When was the last time we saw that from a Ranger? How come we always hear, "We need to learn to play a full 60 min." It's disgusting! I can sit here and say we have to rebuild, but why waste my breath? This team isn't going to listen. We're going to flunder for seven more years until a serious house cleaning takes place. Even when Dolan listens and dumps Sather.. he'll bring in someone else, and you think Dolan will let that guy rebuild after 7 playoff-less years? Of course not. We all need to stop buying Ranger merchandise and stop buying tickets if we dont have them already because thats the only way to get their attention. Hit those guys where it hurts the most - the pockets.

Sorry to ramble..... had to get that out of my system. :/

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