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02-11-2014, 10:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs 4 Life View Post
So far he hasn't impress me, but I will give him a chance cause he said when I feel we're ready i'll make the moves. We'll see if he has the balls to make a few moves and it starts in 3 weeks and see if he moves veterans like Gionta, Murray or even Markov
Only one of those three guys are moveable. If anybody wanted Murray, they would have signed him for 1.5 mill in the offseason, and he hasn't really done anything to raise his value. I doubt anything of value would be returned if he were actually moved. He is only on a one year contract at a cap hit of 1.5 mill, so I doubt that trading him is a priority, and definitely wouldn't change much even if he were dealt.

As much as I would like for Gionta to be traded, I seriously doubt anybody would trade for him, especially at a cap hit of 5 million. Too many teams are already against the cap, and would most likely be against the idea of moving anybody with any value for Gionta. We might be able to get a B prospect or a late pick for him if we retain salary, but that's about it. He isn't necessarily the guy teams are looking for at the deadline. Realistic scenario is that he walks at the end of the season, which is good enough for me. God forbidding we re-sign him.

Markov is the only real option in terms of trade out of the three players. We could net a substantial return that could definitely help the habs moving forward. I believe many teams would be interested in acquiring such a guy at the deadline.

I don't understand all of the hate for Bergevin to be honest. The hate is completely unwarranted as far as I'm concerned. Every trade and signing has to be judged in context, which many people forget. I seriously think people will be eating their own words in about 2 or 3 years when this team has been molded into a contending team.

It's not about having the balls to make a trade, its about what the return is for the trade, and what the implications of those trades will be. I'd rather MB hold off on any moves that don't make our team better, or that gear up to make our team better in the future, than make panic moves (Cough*Gauthier*Cough) and accept anything he can get for a player at that point in time. MB has a specific value set for every player, and if that value isn't met in a trade, he isn't going to pull the trigger. Simple as that.

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I'm was happy to see Price getting recognized for his stellar play this season, specifically in the past couple of weeks. Hopefully he rides this momentum into the Olympics as Team Canada's starting goaltender, which he very well should be IMO.

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