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02-12-2014, 12:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Mint View Post
Since it looked like jimmies were indeed rustled, I would like to talk about McIlrath here.

His underlying stats look pretty concerning, according to what Blue Blooded posted. Not nearly good enough for a player who's supposedly being groomed for a shutdown role. But I guess it's his first full season and he is a project after all. Give him 4-5 more years at the very least.

I think it's pretty insulting for the other players who were picked near McIlrath to be compared to him. Most of them are on another level and people expecting him to reach that level probably need a reality check.
Eh, while those weren't certainly weren't indicative of anything positive I wouldn't put too much stock into them as they were goal-based and therefore privy to variance issues. Unfortunately that's all that has been available for the AHL thus far.

Re: McIlrath - he won't be playing in the AHL for 4-5 more years, especially considering that his waiver exemption will expire before that!

But continuing the discussion from the locked thread, I agree with what -31- said there - that while McIlrath may turn into an NHL player it was a bad pick no matter what. There just isn't enough upside. Considering the level of talent that was available - that is a bad pick no matter how you slice it, even without hindsight.

McIlrath's top end potential is basically Derian Hatcher, and while Derian Hatcher was a fearsome top-pairing defenceman pre-lockout, the game has changed since then and that type of defenceman is no longer anything but a third pairing guy on a good team. No matter how much we want it, McIlrath doesn't have the skill to become a Pronger, Weber, or even a Tyler Myers.

I mean we complain about Girardi's lack of skill with the puck - and he is significantly more talented than McIlrath.

No matter how fondly Ranger fans remember the days of a Jeff Beukeboom on the top pairing - those days are gone.

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