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Originally Posted by 17Kurri View Post
I would be all over Brandon Sutter for Gagner. Sure, he won't score as many points as Gagner over the years, but he probably won't cost the team as many, either. The kid is big, strong, skates well, and has some decent hands. And he already plays many of the hard minutes for the Pens, just like he did for the Hurricanes. He's never been given prime offensive opportunities, which he probably would be here. Plus, he's cut from the Sutter mold, so that's a bonus. I'd certainly take him over Richards at this point in time, that's for sure.

As for Gagner to LA, I can tell you with some reasonable certainty that the main thing holding the Kings from pulling the trigger is the Oilers wanting 2 of Nolan/King/Clifford (with their preference being Nolan and King but the Kings insisting that Clifford has to be the main piece) and 1 of Zykov/Muzzin/Voynov. The Kings want no part of parting with Voynov, so that's a pipe dream for us and they're pushing their minor leaguers and draft picks in addition to Clifford, which doesn't make any sense to me considering their salary cap concerns.

If I know Oilers management like I think I do, we're gonna end up with Clifford and some minor league salary dumps. That would not be a win for us, imho, short term or long term.
At the end of the day, this team has a hard time developing players if they can't get someone who is somewhat established in the NHL then getting a prospect for OKC has no reason. The thing about someone like Clifford is would he play that same role here or become deflated like the others and fall out of favor. I would take even if it was just one player (perhaps just Nolan). It doesn't have to be a win for us now or later, what it has to be is not a loss where the team has a player undeveloped or worse yet gone in 2-3 years time.

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