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02-12-2014, 02:43 AM
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The thing i hate about trades like these are this.

Gagner was a player selected based on the idea that the game would be about speed, and skill less about size. - drafted by a team that clearly lacked identification of the type of player they need now.

Clifford (goes into the Eager, Brown, Joennesu basket) in terms of a player you should develop and not have to acquire through trade. Is he a player the team needs now or in the future; possibly.

Now obviously they both cancel themselves out, because whether either player is needed in the future, and will be vital to a cup contending team is debatable. I'm not in the category of trading for the sake of trading unless Gagner was taking a more valuable players slot. I mean is Lander or Pitlick better than him at this point. This team needs competition even among the top lines, and they need bottom lines hard to play against.

The main reason I hate trades like this is - improper developing of a player. Could the Oilers turned Gagner into a Todd Marchant/Andy Mcdonald type center. Is he more suited on the wing. I mean here is a player who wasn't even ever predicted to be more than a #2 center (in his draft) is being shown the door cause the team never had a specific path for him and is expected to be something he's not. This team also said a couple years back they would go in the direction of the Red Wings, yet now Mact wants size, to me its just a roller coaster of making lateral or backward trades.

Trades for the sake of trades never help teams, because you trade Gagner all of a sudden you have to hope Pitlick or Lander can jump up (unless you want Gordon to).This is the other point besides not being challenged for a spot yet, its also leaving a void to fill his position. I don't mind trades that your getting comparable rankings regardless of position (1 for 1 deals) but when its one guy for one prospect and whatever else it doesn't do anything to help a rebuild.

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