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02-12-2014, 02:51 AM
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Originally Posted by BlowbyBlow View Post

Trades for the sake of trades never help teams, because you trade Gagner all of a sudden you have to hope Pitlick or Lander can jump up (unless you want Gordon to), but its just not important to trade Gagner. This is the other point besides not being challenged for a spot yet, its also leaving a void to fill his position. I don't mind trades that your getting comparable rankings regardless of position (1 for 1 deals) but when its one guy for one prospect and whatever else it doesn't do anything to help a rebuild.
There are obvious exceptions though. Smid comes to mind, and the void he left allowed Marincin to come in and for us to sign Bryzgalov.

If we did trade Gagner we would call up Arco I'm sure. Personally I wouldn't mind giving Lander a shot there, especially at this point. There's also the possibility that Gagner will be untradeable this summer and that the main reason LA is looking at him is because they are desperate to make the playoffs now. There was that article saying that MacT ditched Smid at just the right time considering where his numbers were trending.

Trading for the sake of trading is bad, but keeping a player for the sake of keeping him is just as bad. Creating a void is bad, but filling a void with a player that has no future here is equally bad. Gagner takes up cap space and a roster spot that might prevent us from getting the right player if he suddenly becomes available.

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