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Originally Posted by BlowbyBlow View Post
The thing i hate about trades like these are this.

Gagner was a player selected based on the idea that the game would be about speed, and skill less about size. - drafted by a team that clearly lacked identification of the type of player they need now.
I was with you until you said Gagner was selected based partially upon speed. The guy is not a fast skater. I would say skating / foot speed is one of his obvious limitations.

Now obviously they both cancel themselves out, because whether either player is needed in the future, and will be vital to a cup contending team is debatable. I'm not in the category of trading for the sake of trading unless Gagner was taking a more valuable players slot. I mean is Lander or Pitlick better than him at this point. This team needs competition even among the top lines, and they need bottom lines hard to play against.
As far as short term replacement for Gagner. He is not quite as good offensively but Arcobello does just about everything else better than Gagner. He is faster, much much stronger on his skates, he hits often and pretty hard for his size, he wins draws, he is a solid PKer and he is a lot better than Gagner defensively. If we are talking short term replacement I would rather Arco playing in his spot right now. So that is not a big worry for me. Gagner does not fit the make up of this team and the make up of our top six makes him a bad match for this team. So MacT IMO needs to be looking for a more suitable replacement for Gagner even if he does not get traded and is still here. So yeah I will take Arco as a replacement in the meantime and be okay with that.

The main reason I hate trades like this is - improper developing of a player. Could the Oilers turned Gagner into a Todd Marchant/Andy Mcdonald type center. Is he more suited on the wing. I mean here is a player who wasn't even ever predicted to be more than a #2 center (in his draft) is being shown the door cause the team never had a specific path for him and is expected to be something he's not. This team also said a couple years back they would go in the direction of the Red Wings, yet now Mact wants size, to me its just a roller coaster of making lateral or backward trades.
Not sure what you are getting at here. Gagner has been groomed as a 2C ever since he was drafted. It just so happens he is a 2C that sucks defensively, is not even remotely physical, loses just about every puck battle he gets into and usually falls down the process, he is terrible at face offs etc... I think his offense if you only look at that is nothing all that special but he has done fine for a 2C on offense if you only look at that one thing and nothing else.

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