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Originally Posted by Mr Positive View Post
There are obvious exceptions though. Smid comes to mind, and the void he left allowed Marincin to come in and for us to sign Bryzgalov.

If we did trade Gagner we would call up Arco I'm sure. Personally I wouldn't mind giving Lander a shot there, especially at this point. There's also the possibility that Gagner will be untradeable this summer and that the main reason LA is looking at him is because they are desperate to make the playoffs now. There was that article saying that MacT ditched Smid at just the right time considering where his numbers were trending.

Trading for the sake of trading is bad, but keeping a player for the sake of keeping him is just as bad. Creating a void is bad, but filling a void with a player that has no future here is equally bad. Gagner takes up cap space and a roster spot that might prevent us from getting the right player if he suddenly becomes available.
i agree with 99% of what you say. My only concern is do we essentially do to Gagner what we did to Mike Comrie (trade Doug Weight) then what happened to Shawn Horcoff (trade Comrie), - basically putting guys ahead of there expected position.

I'm not saying Lander or Pitlick wouldn't be bad fill ins because I am definitely in the camp of lets give all these players 30 game tryouts till the end of the season. There's no point to padded stats, and useless wins. Smid seems to be a trade more based on locker room attitude (apparently calling out some team mates). Part of it is (a) does dumping Gagner's salary matter; will it make room for any potential trade's, ufa signings (at this point his salary is a hindrance and most teams would like the Oilers to retain salary (b) is he a bad example to other players; work ethic, attitude, ect.

I sort of look at it like Brad Richards last year - was a good player, lost a step = diminished value, but as found a continuous role on the team. Would Gagner be untradeable - that's the feeling but i don't believe it because there has been players who were distractions (Erat), bad work ethics (Semin), attitude issues (Grabovski) and they all found teams - these guys are slightly better than Gagner but there all know for taking more than a few nights off.

See I look at it like the chicken and egg analogy - the Oilers want size (which they have had in the past; Penner) yet lacked work ethic, and intensity. Gagner doesn't have size but he does have other good attributes and much like Yakupov if you have a player who is willing to commit to a role that maybe less than what you expected you should put that player in that role (in this case Gagner) - provided he's not worse than the potential player you are acquiring. My first post really was more about who is Gagner's comparable, will they play the same role here, will they have the intensity, can this team develop that player and save an asset, who will replace Gagner's role, ect.

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