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02-12-2014, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
So what's the answer? Wait in hopes that Gagner's value rises?

Even at his very best he is still not a great fit on many teams in the league. He has skills for sure but he needs to be surrounded by players who can a) take advantage of those skills and b) neutralize his deficiencies. There are teams that fit this mold. LA, Chicago, San Jose, Boston, St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Anaheim come to mind. San Jose and Boston would have no need for him. I am not sure why Pittsburgh, St. Louis or Anaheim would either. But he is not the type of player that any of those teams will give up quality skilled roster players for. So you are looking role players, prospects or picks. After that you need to look at teams like Nashville. He would be a fit there in so much as they need his scoring ability but would it be realised without the high quality line-mates? And who do you get from them? Not Roman Josi for sure. Maybe you might have gotten Klein, but that ship has sailed.

The longer you wait with Gagner the less you can use the "but he's still young card". This is his 7th year in the league. By this point his skillset is established. Teams should know what they are getting and what it's value is to them.

My feeling about Gagner has not changed for some time. I like the kid and hope that if he is traded that he will be a success where ever he goes. But he does not fit the current make-up of the team and it would be foolish to try and change the team to fit him. To me he seems like a diminishing asset. I will say however, that the Oilers are in a position to retain a good deal of his salary, both financially and in terms of the cap. If they refuse to do that then they are ignoring one of the few advantages that a franchise like Edmonton has in a competitive market place.
Well said.

We're going to Hemsky the situation if we hold on too long.

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