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Originally Posted by Section32 View Post
Did Park play long enough 7 1/2 years to have his number retired?

I think his play on the ice certainly stands for itself.

If not, who would be next?
I'm on the fence about Park but have no problem with his number not being retired. If he had a longer tenure and/or won some hardware (Norris Trophies or Cups), then it would be an entirely different discussion. I understand the qualifiers on those statements - that he was traded and didn't decide to leave town on his own, that he was #2 to Orr, etc...but in the end, those justifications don't make someone worthy of retiring their number. I would celebrate the honor if his number was retired but I'm not going to lose sleep over the fact he hasn't been so honored.

I agree with those who think the Rangers have done a bad job honoring their history and, at this point in time, I'm expecting you will only see players honored who played after the 94 Cup team...but I don't think you'll see many of them. So few players stay with teams for long tenures and usually, if a player isn't with a team for a very long time, they typically have to be a key to a Cup victory in order to be so honored.

I don't think it's going out on a limb to predict that Lundqvist will be honored one day.

A few other thoughts:

Grave totally deserved having his number retired. As I posted in the thread where we chose the greatest wingers in Ranger history, I think Graves' "good guy stuff" actually leads people to believe he was a lesser player than he actually was.

* Graves is #2 in career goals for Rangers wingers (also Top 10 in assists and points).

People seem to forget how important Graves' goal scoring was for his Ranger teams.
* He led his teams in goal-scoring 4 times.
* When he set the single season record for goals with 52, no other Ranger even scored 30.

* He wasn't a one-trick pony, he averaged 32 goals for 9 seasons.
* In 7 Ranger playoff runs, he was only out of the team's Top 3 in goal scoring once.
* Team MVP twice.
* And let's not forget that he played two-way hockey, not just offense, and played a robust physical game.

How have the Rangers not officially retired Gretzky's number? Even if you look at it from simply a marketing stand-point - which I would totally expect from the current Ranger regime. His number has been retired by the entire league, so it's retired anyway. I don't understand why they haven't had a ceremony for it and hung a red, white and blue 99 from the rafters.

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