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02-12-2014, 02:49 PM
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We played a tourney where we just got our butts kicked the first two games. Then we had a coach come out who basically pushed us for the entire game to go up and down the ice as fast as we could and then come off. I mean he skated us into the ground. But we outshot the other team about 2:1 (and still lost because we suck). There were no hero shifts that game with guys coasting around.

Some of us learned the lesson and started pushing for changes close to 30 seconds...others still go for 2+ minutes and stop skating halfway through the shifts.

On the flip side, a few years ago I was a sub on a team that only had 8-10 guys show up on any given night. We got enough for two full lines up front. The first forward skated for, literally, 3+ minutes. I got on and went up and down the ice and got off after 45 seconds because it was a higher and faster level than I was used to. When I called for a change, the other forward looked at me like I was crazy So I started coasting like him and playing 2 minute shifts.

Another fun thing was playing summer league last year with a shorter bench and run time. The levels were mixed so I was one of the better skaters and got to play center with one other guy rotating. That was fun because you got a lot of ice time and could take longer shifts without having to work as hard

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