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Originally Posted by Shootmaster_44 View Post
Being that this was decided in the early 90s, neon colours were all the rage. For instance the WLAF's Orlando Thunder wore neon green uniforms during their existence. So it may have been a sign of the times, I am slightly surprised they didn't wear teal. But it very well could be due to more than simply what was in at the time.
Neon colours on the jerseys are a recent invention and has nothing to do with the 90s. Dont know who invented it and decided to put it on the jerseys and whats got to do with the national symbolism but I dont recall a single national team or an individual athlete jersey from Slovenia that had that neon green.. lets say before 2010.

I think they just picked the colour from the most recent marketing stunt of the Slovenian Tourism Board:

The Slovenian Basketball Association then came up with this:

And eventually, for 2013, they came up with this (they're the only national team that has used green as a primary or secondary colour since the independence and the only one next to the volleyball team who started using neon green as primary/secondary colour, also picked up in 2013 - its kind of sad really that a commercial determines the colours of the national team jerseys):

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