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02-12-2014, 10:09 PM
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Originally Posted by SlingshotVv View Post
A large part of that for me is that the east is sooo amazingly weak right now. Pittsburg is beatable. They are every season, and their defense and goaltending has not gotten better. That leaves Boston. When have you ever seen the East so incredibly weak? The NYR have been playing outstanding hockey, eye test, advanced stats, etc the team is playing well with the best goaltender in the world back to playing it. That's one hurdle to the SC, Boston. Boston is not immune to an upset. That's all we need is one upset. With the way they played the last month plus, we should beat any of the other EC teams, and Lundqvist only needs to steal a game or two for Boston. Anaheim, LA, SJ, they're all one injury from being beatable.

When most playoff seasons this team would need a Cinderella run, just to get yo the ECF, we should be there now. Healthy and hot makes us dangerous. No team can ask for better odds than that. Teams compete for Cups when they can. Sometimes it's because they've built a powerhouse, sometimes it's because the path there is softer than at any other time. A good GM can't sacrifice the future by adding with these odds, but I'd take a shot at keeping Cally as our own rental and losing him, rather than any rental fee I've seen paid for a similar player in the last decade.
Fair enough. I think you think a little more highly of this team, and a little less highly of the Pens, than I do. I also think you're minimizing the chances of beating both Boston and whichever of the teams comes out of the West.

Of course, I will be rooting for just that once the trade deadline passes, but I - and more importantly a GM - can't let what I'm rooting for color his analysis over what he believes to be most likely when it comes to a situation like this.

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