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02-13-2014, 01:56 AM
Cake or Death
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Originally Posted by 30theking View Post
He wouldv'e won four norris trophies with the rangers if not for orr. Isn't that good enough?
That is somewhat valid, but imho, no. In that case, you retire Orr in Boston and not Park, because you could also argue that Orr was such an easy first choice that not too much thought was put into who was 2nd and onward. Similarly, can you imagine the additional Hart Trophies Trottier might have won w/o Gretzky? Trots was widely regarded as the best two-way center/player in the game, but I don't think, with Park or Trottier, what ifs really work. And in extending the what if issue, Trottier managed to erase them beyond his Hart with Cups and a Smythe and his team performing a thorough thrashing of Gretzky's Oilers, to boot.

The retired number thing should be a combination, imo, of truly great players who had a long tenure/majority of their career with a given team. This is something the Rangers have never gotten right, and still to this day epic fail at. Adding Park just waters down an already watered down group which is missing a large core of players who actually should be retired. If Park wasn't traded, maybe. But the fact is, he was traded.

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