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02-09-2007, 06:50 AM
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Originally Posted by bleedrngrblue View Post
Every single one of those guys is NA, Jagr isn't, why is that so hard to comprehend? He clearly has his difficulties getting his point across in english, and btw, are you stating that none of those guys EVER was quoted saying something that sounded stupid or selfish?
Please. Just stop. This has nothing to do with his English. This has to do with his brain. After all these years, he still doesn't get it. It's about the team. Not him. If you want to think he's a bright guy. Knock yourself out. Go look at his entire career and things he's said. To me, if you are playing a team sport, it's not that hard to figure out it's about the team, not yourself. Jagr still doesn't get that. I don't believe he's a bad guy. I just think he's stupid. He doesn't have enough brain power to say the right things. To do the right things. He's been a problem his entire career for teams.

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