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02-13-2014, 06:03 AM
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Originally Posted by triggrman View Post
Do you guys think if we trade Legwand we will end up with a better player? I don't.
its not that simple.

Trading Legwand now for a pick is trading the next three or four years of Legwands(presumed) declining productivity for a player who would be just beginning to be effective three to five years from now but would be ours for 7 years or more.

Now, if we could trade Legwand for a top end prospect who is already a couple of years in the pipeline that would be a different situation.

Originally Posted by triggrman View Post
My fear is we trade him for a drift pick and Draft a player that turns out to be a Collin Wilson.
the only reason to keep Legwand is if we intend to re-sign him. If thats the plan, it should already have been done, since apparently Legwand is willing to sign. If thats not the plan, it would be silly to keep him now and lose him this summer for nothing, given how unlikely it is that we make the playoffs this season. Getting another Colin Wilson is better than getting jack squat

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